About Me

Designing software architecture is most of the time a challenge where you need to balance many criteria such as user experience, performance, extensibility, stability, and delivery due dates among others. In addition, this is a moving target as new technologies and new use cases must be introduced. But ultimately, if you have a strong technology background, some principles and a good common sense you should be able to do a good job.

After more than 15 years of software engineering practice, I have decided to create this blog and share my vision of things hoping it can help someone. Also, this a good way to organize my thoughts and write about things I learn.

My name is Michel Jaczynski and I am a principal software architect working at IBM. I am currently the architect of the control service and REST API of IBM Decision Optimization on Cloud. This service enables optimization experts and integrators to submit their problems, monitor the progress and retrieve the results. I have designed and implemented the control service of this multi-tenant Cloud offering using IBM Bluemix (IBM PaaS), WAS Liberty (J2EE), JMS, and CouchDB (Cloudant). I have also designed and implemented the REST API (JAX-RS, JSON, Swagger), and the Java fluent client library (Apache HTTP client, Jackson).